NaaS Explained

Nodes-as-a-Service (NaaS) Definition

Having a StrongBlock NaaS subscription provides all the utility of having a node, without the operational hassles of running a node yourself.

  • We've heard claims that StrongBlock does not operate nodes that people can actually use. These claims are false.
  • StrongBlock NaaS nodes use a load-balanced, shared computing resources model to distribute activity across nodes - the operational gold standard of managing computing infrastructure globally, as evidenced by its use by Google, Amazon, Facebook and many others.
  • By using a shared computing resources model, StrongBlock nodes address the mounting criticism leveled against blockchains as unnecessarily energy consuming with negative implications for the environment.
  • StrongBlock technology architecture is dispersed worldwide, across data centers and providers, with a focus on Singapore - a non-14-Eyes country.
  • StrongBlock NaaS nodes and endpoints are used by many wallet end-users and DApps to reliably and securely access blockchain data - with no IP logging.
  • StrongBlock uses our NaaS nodes for our technical operations.
  • StrongBlock NaaS nodes have exceptional uptime rates - nearly 99.999% in 2022.

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