About Us

The original Nodes as a Service

Our Mission

We see the future, and it’s on the blockchain. Yet blockchain technology is hard. Our mission is to make blockchains easy for anyone to support and participate in.

We accomplish this through our breakthrough technology, where it only takes a few clicks to sign up for StrongBloock NaaS Subscriptions.

We imagine a world where the StrongBlock Node Army supports dozens of protocols.


Blockchains are decentralized ledgers. The decentralization occurs through many points - miners and nodes - that each hold a full set of transactions.

Miners record transactions and synchronize them with other miners, upholding the integrity of the blockchain. Miners are compensated.

Nodes are responsible for keeping a full, up-to-date copy of all blockchain transactions, and providing access points where that full copy can be quickly accessed by blockchain applications. Nodes are typically not compensated.

Previous to StrongBlock's Nodes-as-a-Service, running a node required knowledge of blockchain coding, as well as having a server able to run the node reliably throughout the day.

Nodes need to be upgraded as well, requiring knowledge of the upgrade and re-sync process on the blockchain.

By automating all of these processes our NaaS, we make it possible for anyone to participate in the blockchain revolution.