Active Ethereum Nodes-as-a-Service (NaaS) Migration

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Please Note - Ethereum Mainnet Gas Prices
- Always check Ethereum Gas before migrating:
- We do not control Ethereum Gas price.
- We do not collect Gas Fees on transactions - they go to Ethereum Miners.

Ethereum NaaS Migration Summary

- This action (“Migration”) will migrate ALL Active Ethereum NaaS subscriptions in your wallet to an Ethereum Entangled NaaS Pack (“NaaS Pack”).
- An “Active Ethereum NaaS Subscription” is defined as: “non-expired and/or not having accrued the maximum number of rewards tokens”.
- You cannot selectively migrate individual Active Ethereum NaaS subscriptions in your wallet.
- The migration can take up to 30 minutes to complete. Once all Active Ethereum NaaS subscriptions in a wallet have been successfully migrated, the count in the NaaS Pack will increase by the number migrated.

Which NaaS Subscriptions Can I Migrate?
- If an Active Ethereum NaaS Subscription has NOT reached 20 maximum total rewards claimed, it can be migrated.
- If an Active Ethereum NaaS Subscription has reached 20 maximum total rewards claimed, it cannot be migrated.
- Expired Active Ethereum NaaS Subscriptions are not migrated.
- Only Active Active Ethereum NaaS Subscription (as defined above) can be migrated.

Required Steps Before Migration
The following conditions must be met before you can migrate:
- You must have a wallet connected to the StrongBlock App with Active NaaS (as defined above) in that wallet.
- You must have previously claimed rewards at least once for all Active Ethereum NaaS Subscriptions. Look for a informational icon that shows rewards that need to be claimed before migration can proceed.
- You must have claimed rewards after May 20, 2022 on all Ethereum NaaS Subscriptions that had reached the maximum 20 rewards before May 20, 2022.
- If any Ethereum NaaS Subscription has reached the maximum 20 rewards and is not expired, you must wait and let that Ethereum NaaS Subscription expire before completing the migration process for other active Ethereum NaaS Subscriptions. Expired Ethereum NaaS Subscriptions are noted in the app (they say "expired"), and are defined as any Ethereum NaaS Subscriptions with fees more than 30 days past-due.

You do not need to create a Ethereum NaaS Pack prior to Migrating
- If you have not already created a Ethereum NaaS Pack in the same wallet from which you are migrating Ethereum NaaS Subscriptions, the migration process will automatically create one for you.
- If a Ethereum NaaS Pack is created for you as part of the migration process, it will be assigned a default name and description; you can rename the pack after migration is completed.

- Unclaimed Rewards: The migration process will place any unclaimed Active Ethereum NaaS rewards into the claimable rewards in the Ethereum NaaS Pack while adding the node to that Ethereum NaaS Pack.
- Migrating an Active Ethereum NaaS will account for the total claimed and accrued on the node into the “MY REWARDS” accruals displayed. It will also account for the total rewards the Ethereum NaaS Pack can earn.
- Migrating Active Ethereum NaaS Subscriptions DOES NOT reset reward accruals, rewards claimed to date, or the maximum rewards per NaaS Subscription.

Migration and Ethereum NaaS Pack Limits
- There is a limit of 1 Ethereum NaaS Pack per wallet, and 50 Entangled Ethereum NaaS Subscriptions per Ethereum NaaS Pack.
- The migration process allows you to migrate all Active Ethereum NaaS Subscriptions in your wallet to a Ethereum NaaS Pack, even if the total is over 50.
- If you have migrated Ethereum NaaS Subscriptions into the Ethereum NaaS Pack and the total in the Ethereum NaaS Pack is now 50 or more, you will be unable to add more Ethereum NaaS Subscriptions to that Ethereum NaaS Pack after migration.

Additional Migration Notes
- When you migrate, any NFTs are unstaked and their unclaimed rewards boost are applied to the Ethereum NaaS Pack unclaimed rewards.
- You cannot move Ethereum NaaS Subscriptions out of a Ethereum NaaS Pack.
- Ethereum NaaS Migration is NOT the ability to transfer an Active Ethereum NaaS Subscriptionto a different wallet.

NFT Staking on Ethereum NaaS Packs
Please see our Ethereum Entangled NaaS Subscriptions Details

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