Claim: Collecting STRONG that has been rewarded.

Community: A group representing a blockchain that supports nodes through mining and rewards.

ERC-20: A common standard for creating tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Governance: The mechanisms through which decentralized blockchains adapt and change over time.

Mine: Depositing tokens to put them to work for a period of time.

Node: A computer, connected to a blockchain network, for which owners have applied knowledge, investment and hard work to fully enforce all the consensus rules of that blockchain.
Oracles: A resource that provides real-word data - such as ERC-20 price - to a smart contract.

Proposal: A suggested change for the protocol, requiring 100k STRONG.

Reward: STRONG that are provided as a result of work within the protocol.

Signal: A non-binding action indicating support.

STRONG: An ERC-20 Governance token.

Vote: A binding action to change the protocol. 1 STRONG = 1 VOTE.

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