Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I pay the monthly node fee?
How long is my node active?
Do I need to keep my computer running?
How do I keep my node active?
Why do I need to Approve and Submit to create a node?
Can I transfer my nodes to another wallet?
Does my node confirm transactions?
Does my node download the complete ETH blockchain when I create it?
My Node rewards balance is not showing
What are Nodes?
Why can’t I see my claimed STRONG rewards in MetaMask?
Why is my new node not showing?
How much ETH and STRONG do I need to have in my wallet?
Are the gas fees included in the price of the NFTs?
MultiSig Wallets
How do I connect the Metamask wallet?
What wallet can I use?
The StrongBlock application is not connecting to my wallet.
How do I get or buy ETH and STRONG for my Wallet? What about delays and limits?
Would StrongBlock ever ask for my wallet secret recovery phrase, mnemonic, or password?
I gave my secret recovery phrase or mnemonic or password to someone (my wallet was hacked). What can I do?
I opened a support ticket, why are you asking for my wallet?
What are the StrongBlock NFT reward boosts per day?
Where is my NFT?
What type of wallet do I need to buy one of StrongBlock’s NFTs?
Can I buy StrongBlock NFTs with a credit card?
Can I buy an NFT with Coinbase, Robinhood, or Paypal?
Are the NFTs available globally?
Are all the NFT tokens the same?
How many NFT tokens can I stake to a Node?
What is the STRONG NFT Contract Address?
How do I claim my unclaimed rewards?
How many days in advance can I pay the Node Fee?
What are the StrongBlock fees?
What are the Ethereum Gas fees?
What is Mining?
What are mining rewards?
How do I know how many blocks have been per day?
Are the rewards in my wallet the same as my accumulated rewards in the app?
Can I used unclaimed rewards to create a node?
What happens if I do not pay my monthly Node fee?
What are Rewards and how do I get them?
What is the STRONG Token Address?
What is the STRONG Contract Address?
How do I unmine my signaling/signals
Can I signal my node or another node?
What is my account?
Can I access the app via a mobile device?
What are the legitimate StrongBlock websites?
How can I get Customer Support?
Will StrongBlock provide Customer Support in Telegram, Facebook, or similar systems?
Will StrongBlock ever Direct Message (DM) me in Telegram, Facebook, or similar systems?