Entangled Nodes

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What are Entangled Nodes?

- A new type of node designed to simplify management and lower gas fees
- A method to pay fees in a single transaction, lowering gas
- A method to claim rewards in a single transaction, lowering gas
- Appear on the “All Nodes” page as a single row, just like other node types

Entangled Nodes Feature Summary

- StrongBlock Metal NFTs can now be staked/unstaked on Ethereum Entangled Nodes, the process can take up to 30 minutes to complete on the blockchain
- View your unclaimed rewards and total available rewards by hovering over the rewards accrued indicator scale
- View your node count on the Entangled Nodes row, over the Ethereum icon
- Currently limited to Ethereum nodes, with other node types available in future releases
- A monthly node fee per node is calculated by multiplying the node fee by the number of nodes
- The “created” date refers to the date when the Entangled Node pack was created, not when the last node was added
- Individual nodes are not listed in the app, only the Entangled Node Pack is listed, along with a count
- The total number of Entangled Nodes are included in the “Active Nodes” in your wallet and the total node count for all wallets
- The monthly fee “due in days” indicator is the same as other node types
- Fee payments must be made on a monthly basis, just like other node types, and payment must initiated by you
- You cannot pay fees more than 60 days in advance for an Entangled Node Pack
- Once a node in an Entangled Node Pack has earned its maximum rewards, that node is automatically removed, you cannot replace that node
- Entangled Node Packs have 1 RPC endpoint per pack
- Additional nodes can be added to an Entangled Node Pack at any time, up to a total of 50 nodes per pack

Entangled Nodes Limitations

- Ethereum Entangled Nodes simplify node management, allowing you to pay or claim your rewards in a single transaction.
- Each node receives .075 STRNGR per day with a 20 STRNGR maximum.
- Rewards are based on many factors, including number of nodes, node revenue, token price, and NFT ownership; are variable; and are not guaranteed.
- You cannot edit an individual Entangled Node, you can only edit the name/location of an Entangled Nodes Pack
- You cannot view the individual Entangled Nodes, you can only see the number of nodes
- You cannot remove a node from Entangled Nodes by not paying for that individual node
- If you stop paying for the Entangled Nodes Pack, the entire pack expires
- Entangled Nodes follow similar per-node fees, max days in advance payable as Ethereum nodes
- Nodes cannot be removed or migrated out from an Entangled Nodes Pack
- There is a 50 node maximum per Entangled Node Pack

How do I build an Entangled Nodes Pack?

- Go into the "Create Node" page
- Click on the "Entangled" button
- Give your Ethereum Entangled Nodes Pack a name
- Give your Ethereum Entangled Nodes Pack a description
- Type the number of nodes you want to have entangled together in the pack
- Agree (once you have read and decide to do so) to the Terms listed >> After you read, you can check the box to accept the listed Terms
- Approve the Entangled Nodes transaction (if this is the first time doing Entangled Nodes) and confirm in your wallet
- Create the Entangled Nodes and confirm in your wallet

Can I stake my Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum NFT to an Entangled Nodes Pack?

Yes, NFT staking/unstaking on Entangled Node packs is available
- Staking an NFT will accelerate your rewards to the maximum per node, but will not let you exceed the maximum

The NFT reward acceleration works as follows:
- BRONZE - 0.0125 tokens / day, only 1 Node accelerated
- SILVER - 0.0300 tokens / day, up to 2 Nodes accelerated
- GOLD - 0.0400 tokens / day, up to 5 Nodes accelerated
- PLATINUM - 0.0500 tokens / day, up to 10 Nodes accelerated

Keep in mind that each Entangled Node type has a rewards maximum of 20 tokens per Node. Applying an NFT to a node only accelerates the speed at which you can reach your maximum reward per Node.

NFT Pack Staking Example 1:
- If you have a Node Pack with 5 Nodes and you stake a Platinum NFT, you will accelerate all 5 Node’s rewards (based on the chart above). If you add an additional Node to that Pack, up to 10 Nodes, each Node will be accelerated.

NFT Pack Staking Example 2:
- If you have a Node Pack of 5 Nodes and you stake a Bronze NFT, you will accelerate one Node’s rewards (based on the chart above). If you then stake a Silver NFT to that Pack, it will accelerate an additional 2 Node’s rewards. This will leave 2 Nodes in the Node Pack whose rewards will not be accelerated.

How do I add another node to an Entangled Nodes Pack?

- Go into the "Create Node" page
- Click on the "Entangled" button
- If you have already created an Ethereum Entangled Node Pack, you will see that name and description
- Type in the number of nodes you want to add in the "Add Nodes" box
- Agree (once you have read and decide to do so) to the Terms listed
- Click the "Add Ethereum nodes" button and confirm in your wallet

Future of Entangled Nodes?

- Many different types of Entangled Nodes are coming soon, including Polygon, Fantom and Polkadot.
- Different contribution levels and maximum rewards are also coming soon