Why Governance?

"Governance determines the scalability of all blockchain and DLT projects."

Thomas Cox, Principal Governance Advisor, StrongBlock

Due to their multi-stakeholder nature all blockchains need governance to help facilitate change management.

Governance is change management for your Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) system.

Governance must be addressed properly and should be addressed early in order to build a truly scalable DLT-based system.

"Governance" is a set of protocols by which a collective:

Makes decisions that affect the whole group
Ensures the decisions are carried out
Alters the protocols for decision making

Is your governance scalable?

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The Politics of Consortium Governance

Consortia face unique challenges as they go about developing blockchain solutions. Learn about the top considerations that consortia must take into account while planning and developing their DLT technologies in this keynote lecture delivered by Thomas Cox at the BSC Chain+ Conference in Seoul, South Korea in 2019
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